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Where to Fly Your Blimp

Trade shows, dealerships, retail store locations, corporate events, special events, grand openings, sporting events...
We offer a marketing tool that will become the talk of the town. Our blimps are similar to billboards, except blimps fly 200 feet in the air, can be seen from miles away in a 360 degree radius, and are yours to keep.

All companies need to market and advertise their product or service. It is necessary in the competitive business world to go beyond conventional advertising mediums and extend your reach using creative and outstanding solutions. Reach you customers with an advertising blimp from California Blimps.

California Blimps in Action
Do the Math...Extend Your Reach...For Less!

How many people drive by your location on a daily basis?
Do you think that all those people see your print ads?


Everybody within a 1, 2, or 3 mile radius will see your blimp in the sky. Compare the prices of print ads that only run for a short time to the price of a blimp that is yours to keep and fly whenever you want!

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