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About Helium

Helium is a nonflammableable gas that is used to fill advertising blimps and spheres. It can be purchased at most industrial gas or welding supply outlets. We recommend Air-gas companies as a good source for helium. They have locations throughout the U.S. and will deliver the tanks to your location. To find a location near you, visit When ordering, ask for tank size 291 or 300 - they are the same.

Helium Expands!California Blimps in Action

If you are inflating a blimp in the morning and expect the temperature to rise throughout the day, fill the blimp so it is a little soft and you can push your hand into the body of the blimp 4-5 inches. By the hottest part of the day, the blimp will become harder. It is common for the blimp to look soft in the mornings due to colder temperatures at night. Please read our instruction manual before launching a blimp.

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