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Pricing Grid for Helium Blimps and Specifications

Size Cubic Feet Height Net lift Wind Resist Visibility Helium Price
15' blimp 220 5 feet 4 lbs. 15 mph. 1/2 mile + 1 tank $2095
20' blimp 380 7 feet 11 lbs. 25 mph. 1 mile + 1.5 tanks $2595
24' blimp 750 8 feet 50 lbs. 30 mph. 2 miles + 2.75 tanks $3595
26' blimp 800 8 feet 65 lbs. 30 mph. 3 miles + 3 tanks $3995

Top Quality Materials

All our blimps are made with heavy duty nylon material that works indoor and outdoors. We use the best components
and materials to ensure quality products that last for years. Do not be fooled by lower priced "PVC" blimps- they will not last.

All Blimps Include:

• One (1) white urethane-coated nylon blimp
• Attractive logo on both sides of the blimp*
• 200-foot tether line
• Four (4) Stabylcoat urethane tail fins*
• Patch kit
• Inflation hose
• One year warranty

* Standard paint & tail fin colors are red and blue - additional colors will be an extra $75.00 per color and $125 for other color fins.

» Download our Instructional Manual

Optional Features

California Blimps - Remote Controlled Airships

Remote Controlled Airships
California Blimps Remote Controlled Airships are the perfect choice for exhibition fairs, inaugurations, sporting events, etc. They are 100% safe and can be operated very close to the audience. Our ships incorporate unconventionality and technology to the client's image and always become the center of attention.

Call for Pricing

» See Specs Sheet

California Blimps - Solid Color Blimps

Solid Color Blimps
Add color to the sky with a solid colored blimp. Special paints provide a vibrant and durable finish to your blimp.

Prices: 15'-$400, 20'-$500, 24'-$700, 26'-$700
(Solid color body)

California Blimps - Light Systems

Light Systems
The optional lighting system turns your advertising blimp into a 500-watt nighttime attraction. Outdoor nighttime marketing at its best!

Price: $400

How It Works
The system includes a 200-foot cord and bulb and installs easily into the belly of the blimp. The cord plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

California Blimps - Banners

The optional banners allow you to promote special events. All banners are lightweight and include your custom message on one side. The banners come in two different sizes: 5' x 9' or 7' x 9'.

Prices: $350 (5 x 9) $400 (7 x 9)

California Blimps - Velcro Attachments

Velcro Attachments
If you want inner-changeable messages, this option is for you. Special banners that attach to the body of the blimp allow you to replace messages as needed without painting the body of the blimp.

Prices: 20'-$175, 24' & 26'-$225

Prices do not include banners. See banner prices above.
Not available on 15' blimps.


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